Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bathroom Progress

Painting, check. Clean the tile, check. Buy shower curtain, check. Order a light that doesn't work, check.
Maybe should have looked at the dimensions of the light when I ordered it from Overstock. I love the light, but it is obviously too low for the mirror. So when Dave was at good ol' HD, I asked him to check out the lights and he came home with this: It doesn't look nearly as nice as the one from Overstock, but it keeps with the aesthetic of the bathroom so I guess it's a keeper. And at $60, it didn't break the bank either.
The paint color is Benjamin Moore, Pebble Beach. It's in the same color family as William's room, just a few shades lighter. We upgraded to a new chrome shower curtain rod, which looks so much nicer. It's amazing what small updates do for a room.
I picked out a few white waffle knit shower curtains, and while they were fine, it was a bit boring. So I bought this puppy at Target and hoped for the best. It ties in the black from the tile nicely and I'm always a fan of a geometric pattern. I found some ombre-chevron towels at Home Goods. I bought every one that they had. We still have a few more updates like a glass shelf and some art, but we're almost there.

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