Friday, February 22, 2013

Keeping the Charm

Since we moved in three years ago we've done absolutely nothing with our bathroom. We figured at some point we would gut it (and that point being before now) so why bother putting time and effort into it. We never even painted; so now it stands in it's dingy yellow/off-whiteish glory.

We already had the striped shower curtain that tied in the mint green nicely and the blue towels coordinated as well. Last year we ripped out the rusty old medicine cabinet and replaced it with the $20 black framed mirror. Other than that, everything in the bathroom we already owned, so money spent was $20.

Moving forward to today, basically, I'm getting sick of it and it's time to freshen it up. The goal is to embrace it's retro charm, clean it up a bit and spend less than 200 beans. A full bathroom gut would cost thousands and take lots of time, not to mention it's our only bathroom and I can't live without a bathroom even if it's only for a few weeks. The tile is in great shape and at least it's not pink, right??
A while ago I came across this photo:
I think this bathroom is new, as in, someone actually spent lots of money to get this vintage look. So our tile can't be all that bad.

What we'll do. Replace the vanity light, paint the walls, add some art and get new towels and shower curtain. We could get a new sink, but I actually like ours. And not to mention sinks like this can cost anywhere from 600-$1200.
Here are the plans:
And the paint color....wait for it, grey! Imagine that.

And here's what's happened so far
It's actually this first part, the prepping, that will take longer than the painting part. Maybe by the end of the weekend we'll have a fresh coat of paint up.

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