Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pillow Talk

Get your mind out of the gutter. Real pillows, on our couch. The pillows from ETSY finally arrived.
It's amazing what some pillows and curtains will do for a boring gray room with beige sofa.
We started to hang a few things on the walls.
My first attempt at a Pinterest tutorial.
It's block painting. You just wrap a string around a block and turn it into a stamp. I am going to make it again and put the stamps closer together so there are no gaps between the lines.

While I waited for the ETSY pillows to arrive, I found some striped pillows I had to have on Joss & Main for downstairs.
When Dave moved the TV upstairs he rearranged the sectional. There is no TV down there anymore so it's now more of a sitting space instead of a TV watching area. We no longer have a sectional, it's sectioned now.

We moved the rug from William's play area in front of the sofa. We still need a bigger rug, we should really have a 8X10 rug in that space. Also working on a mirror project for above the mantel. For another day.

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