Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Adding some color

Our blank slate of a second floor really needed a pop of color and what better way to do that than with pillows and curtains?

I used the no-sew method again, since I have no sewing skills or a sewing machine. I simply cut two yards of fabric in half and ironed-on a hem on all sides. I used ring clips instead of adding a pocket on the top. I like the look of the ring clips and also, it was easier. I'm all about taking the easy way out.

And here's the finished product. Please ignore the cruddy iphone photos. I was too lazy to pull out the real camera.
I just got some pillow cases in the mail from ETSY but need to buy some pillow forms. Once the pillows are done, the room will really start to look complete. I know, you're on the edge of your seat aren't you? You'll just have to wait to see.

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