Wednesday, September 26, 2012

roll out the white carpet...

because it's finished! (insert happy dance here) Carpet guys came today and put down the carpet. It was supposed to be a white/gray color but it really just looks white in person and has swirls throughout.

Living room side

office space (Excuse me, I think you have my stapler. anyone?)

Next up? Furniture. Anyone have any? We don't, and oh, the budget was spent on finishing the room. William will have a ball in his empty play space.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Attic Reno Continued

Dave has been working tirelessly on the second floor reno. It's all coming together now. He finished the stairs, hanging the doors and trim and the electrician came and now we finally have electricity up there.

Let's go back a ways back here... when we moved in it looked like this:
Beautiful huh?
During the reno:

And now:
The stairs looked like this: (this photo is looking UP the stairs. Why the treads are not on the steps are beyond me)
And now: (painting wall after moving furniture!)
Let me remind you that Dave did 95% of this work by himself. He's amazing.
Some participation by our little helper:
He kept saying "oooh" and "wow" at the pile of cabinet screws and nuts. He quickly figured out how to put them together. He's clearly Dave's child.
And now it's time to pick out carpet. We went to the carpet store last night and thought we'd grab a few samples and be out quickly. The selection was overwhelming and ended up coming home with 5 samples and don't know what to choose. We can't do burber because of the dog's claws and she'll pull the loops on it. Picking the color is hard because the walls are gray and trim is white.
I loved the one below in the store, but not sure about it now. It is in style, but probably won't be in 5 years, and not sure how easy it will be to decorate around it.
I like the idea of a design on the carpet since we won't be able to have an area rug. We'll probably end up with some boring cream colored rug in the end... to be continued.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Faux-No-Sew Roman Blind

I interrupt our regularly scheduled attic reno with a little DIY action.
Our kitchen window was lacking in the curtain department. I decided to head over to Pinterest to see what I could find. I found this tutorial. It was simple, easy and would only cost me 6 beans. The spring-rod curtain rods were $3 a piece, I already had a scrap of fabric left over from making a throw pillow a while back and some no-sew iron tape. All I needed to do was fold the fabric and seal the seams with the tape.

So as I expected I didn't do a great job of making sure the seams were exactly straight, but it will do for now. It only cost me a few dollars and the time of one nap session, so if I want to scrap this one and make something else, no big loss.
I would have liked to make three tiers like in the tutorial, but it would block out too much light as it's our only window in the kitchen.
Like the hands running into the picture?