Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Drywall: check.

And we're ready for plaster people. It's all taped up and ready for the guys to get to work. Dave decided not to do the plaster himself. Smart man. He deserves a break anyway. They were supposed to plaster today but with the 90 deg temps and humidity the plaster won't set.

Looking into the entertainment room
Our little office area
Looking into the bedroom
walk in closet (yay!!)
bedroom (sorry bad lighting.:-/
We kept the crawl spaces to store Christmas stuff and tupperwear bins of crap that we don't know where to put.

Then on to paint colors. Have a bunch of paint swatches from Benjamin Moore. Leaning towards gray of course. Just not sure which room should be the darker room, the bedroom or the entertainment room.
Rockport gray is a mocha-gray.
Vale-mist is lighter.

Ok, looks boring now that I look at the colors together. I'm scared of putting color on the wall and hating it and having to repaint. We're not the, oh I don't really like this color anymore, let's repaint it type. Once it's painted that's it! Who enjoys painting?


  1. I love color. I say do one room gray then add a little pop of blue or maybe even yellow to the other room?? or even just one accent wall. Go see Roberta at colorworks. She is amazing!

    Are you moving your bedroom upstairs for the walk in closet?

  2. I'm not sure if we're moving up there, William would still be downstairs alone!

  3. Awesome job Dave. That's a ridiculous amount of work you did!