Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY Toys

Those of you with kids know how quickly the novelty of a new toy wears off. These days, William plays with anything except his toys: bowls in the kitchen, rolls of tape, the dog's tail and or ears, spoons, Daddy's tools and anything that he's not supposed to.

Instead of getting more toys that he won't play with, I made some new ones with things we have in the house. Let me introduce you to:


The fun of this one is that the lids make a "clink" sound as they fall in. William has been playing with this one since about 8 mon old. He now likes walking around and pushing the lids in and making the clicking noise. Like we used to do it with VeryFine lids...what please don't tell me that I'm the only one who used to do that?

Puff Container Bowling
self explanatory. Looking at this now makes me realize I've spent $30 on puffs.
Any other DIY toys I should know about? Suppose I can do a Pinterest search.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

(Finally) Starting to look like we care about our house

Since we moved in we have not touched the outside. Right when we moved in my mom helped me put some flowers in a planter to add some color to the front step, but since then little has been done. I think I raked the leaves out of the front shrubs a few springs ago. Can you tell I despise yard work? The front of our house has a long way to go. A few shrubs were planted out front right before it was put on the market, so there is some landscaping, but nothing that stands out and makes the front of the house very welcoming.
Fast forward to two years later and we're finally going to do something about it. WeDave decided to make the planting beds bigger all the way around the house. He striped it off with some spray paint and then used an edger to cut it in. We had cobblestones lining the beds and took those out and we'll fill it in with mulch.One reason for starting the planting no was that I got two plants for my birthday that needed to go into the ground. I got a Sweet William (so sweet) plant as well as a purple Salvia.
You can see how unruly the landscaping has become since we first moved in. The ground cover is taking over and the bush in the middle isn't do that great from the snowstorm we had two winters ago. And yes, the side of our house has much to be desired. So out came the ground cover.
As well as a patch of grass that Dave transplanted in the yard.
And in went the flowers.
Then I headed out to pick up some flowers for the other side of the steps. Of course my little helper came with me. He constantly asked "wuzdat" for What's that, by every differently plant that we passed. Kinda looks like he was on a safari.
We picked up two Azaleas since they were colorful and cheap. They should fill the area in nicely as they grow.
After trimming the bushes up and covering the area with mulch it is starting to look better already. Not sure when we'll get around to the rest of the planting but, hey, it's a start.
Oh and what's this? That's my sick new ride. My practical mom car ride that is. It was a surprise by Dave for my 30th. Believe me I was surprised, I actually forgot that it was my birthday and clearly, he did not.