Monday, April 16, 2012

A Whaley Good 1st Birthday

Where has the year gone? My little guy is one this week! Words can't describe how much joy he has brought to my life. As the months go by I always think "this is the best age!" But each day keeps getting better and better. It's amazing to watch him learn. He's learning new words and knows the names of things in our house. If the dog walks by he either says "dog" or "woof" and if he drops something he says "uh-oh." He loves pointing to things and asking "what's that?" He isn't walking yet but has perfected the art of speed crawling! He pulls up on things and cruises along the furniture. He stands for quite a while on his own but hasn't tried to step forward at all. He'll do it on his own time and frankly, his crawling is so fast that I can hardly keep up with him as it is! This weekend we had William's first birthday party! We decided to keep it small and had a party at home. I figured his party would be indoors but it ended up being 75 degrees! We were going to have a pizza party but had a BBQ instead. What luck. I made some decorations from things I had lying around the house. Scrap book paper, ribbon, blue glass beads, and beach themed items.
I bought a new table cloth to decorate the table and already had the fish salt and pepper shakers. I wrapped some faux gifts.
No whale birthday is complete without a whale cake! The engineer in Dave figured out how to make the whale only using one 9X13 sheet cake. Tah-da! Too bad William couldn't eat his whale cake, he is allergic to dairy so no real cake for this kid. He got his own egg,dairy,soy-free cupcake.And he LOVED it.
Outside with the fam in my whale shirt.Mary EllenGrandmaGrandpaUncle JonPapi and cousin LibbyPlaying with Uncle BrianLibby and Connor and my new beach toys Well I can certainly say that it was a whaley good day. I am so thankful for friends and family that were able to share this wonderful day with us. I love you William, more than you know. I can't wait to celebrate more birthdays with you and see what type of boy you will become.


  1. The Mama in me is tearing up! He's so adorable - looks like a great time! Miss you guys!

  2. Happy First Birthday to my cousin!
    Love, Braeden

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  4. love the cake of the whale. i'm doing a baby shower and want to attempt the cake. can you give me clearer instructions so I can follow. how you did the cut out of the back and how you finished off the tail.. thanks in advance

    1. I would also LOVE instructions or a tutorial for the cake. It's the best looking whale cut-up cake I have found and plan to try it for my son's first birthday next week. Thanks!

  5. I wish William a very happy birthday and hope he had a great time on his birthday. You made such a beautiful cake for him and I am so happy that he loved it. Last week I also have been to a similar party at local party venue nearby our place and the cake they got for party was really awesome.