Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Faux Hawk

Yep, that's my son. You can thank my husband for that, oh, and a dollop of Aquaphor.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trellis-ed out?

I know that trellis pattern is so 2009, but what can I say, I still like it. I try not to decorate using something that is super trendy for fear that in a few years it will look dated, but when I stumbled upon orange pillows, I had to buy them. I stopped my search for orange pillows or fabric to match our "new" chair
a while ago simply because I couldn't find anything. I was at good ol' Home Goods looking for a new lamp for the living room because, er, someone broke it. Okay, it was me. I was moving William's exersaucer, and as I did, it pulled the cord and the lamp came crashing down. When it happened, I couldn't help but think of the scene from A Christmas Story where the mom breaks the leg lamp. And yes, I did say "You used up all the glue on purpose!" out loud when it happened.
The yellow lamp didn't really match with the orange chair anyway (you can see it in the back of the photo above). But back to the story of the pillows, I was looking for a lamp when I spotted orange pillows. And the orange was just the right orange to match the chair, maybe it was meant to be.

The pillows are having a test run on the couch for now. They definitely make the chair seem to fit in the living room better, but they don't seem to go with the rest of the space. I think it is the painting above the couch that's really only there because we have yet to patch up the AC unit hole. So maybe down the road we will be able to hang some art that has some more complimentary colors. The pillows were only $20/pop so it's not like they're breaking the bank. What I really wanted were these, but these designer pillows would have cost about $100 a piece. No.Thanks. What do you think? I figure $40 for a pair of pillows to tie in the chair isn't so bad. Now I'm on a hunt for a new lamp.