Monday, October 10, 2011

Time Flies

when you're having fun. Though, Dave may beg to differ. He's successfully re-wired 1/2 the house.
This is what William's room looked like in the process.
In the first six months in our house we got a whole lotta projects checked off the list, including painting, refinishing floors, replacing all the doors and building a set of stairs. We were told to get everything done on the house before the baby comes because you'll "never get anything done once you have a baby." Well, the advice was correct. At first, Dave needed to help with a newborn and now he's slave to William's nap schedule. No hammering and sawing can go on when a baby is sleeping.

In the (almost) six months since William was born little has changed in the house, but a lot has changed with our little man!
He's starting to sit up and is rolling all over the place. If we leave the room for a minute we'll come back and find him across the room from where we left him.
He tried cereal for the first time! He's not too sure about it just yet. But if he's anything like his mom and dad, he'll be a good eater!
In the normal scheme of things, six months is a short amount of time. But it's amazing to see what six months means in the life of a baby.
Coming home from the hospital... and now... Yep, that's the same hat!


  1. Go Dave, that's a lot of work done. William looks like a little boy now :)

  2. Oh my goodness hes' getting so BIG! Still just as cute though. Playdate soon? (For us and for the babies?)