Sunday, September 18, 2011

Small Updates

No major projects are going on right now in the Roache household. Though, Dave has been re-wiring a big portion of our first floor. Back in 1960, when the house was built, they thought it was good idea to put all the lights on one circuit. For instance, the light in William's room is the power source for the bathroom, our bedroom and front hallway. So Dave has to wire new circuits (or something like that, I have no knowledge about this stuff what-so-ever, I just take photos of it). In the process of fixing the bathroom wiring, he had to take out the medicine cabinet. And we decided why would we ever put that thing back up after taking it down.
And in its place we put up a simple black-framed $20 Homegoods special. The bathroom has a LONG way to go, but something as simple as taking out the old mirror makes it look a tad more modern. A new light fixture will spruce things up a bit too, though unfortunately nothing can make that green tile look any better.

1 comment:

  1. The mirror looks great...matches perfectly! Guess you can call off the bathroom demo for now ;)