Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

Do you remember that knock knock joke? It was my favorite when I was little and my niece Libby loves to tell it now. Yes, there is a elephant, er, bright orange chair in our living room. This chair has been a running joke in my family for some time. They (there are two of them) were purchased in 1978 and matched a lovely orange and yellow floral sofa in our formal living room growing up. We never really used the room but my brother and I loved each taking a chair and spinning around in them till we felt sick. Yes the chairs swivel and rock! So back to the joke, they ended up in my Dad's basement because they were "expensive chairs and too good to throw away." But of course, they are an ugly bright orange and my dad didn't want to use them in his house. My dad and step mom ask my brother and I every time we move if we want the "perfectly good" chairs. We always laugh and say no and so they have sat in the basement, until now. Our lack of chair in the living room made me think of the orange chairs. You couldn't believe how excited my dad was to get the chair out of his house and probably more in disbelief that I asked for them.
My first idea was to reupholster the chairs, so I headed to a small reupholstery shop in town to find out it would cost $650 a chair plus the cost of the material, uh no thanks. I can buy a very nice, not-made-in-1970-chair for $650. I told my dad to bring the chair anyway and we would see how it looked, and you know what? I don't hate it. (I am sure you do, I hated them for years) The chair definitely does not work in the space as-is. Right now it looks like I am going for a fall theme with the yellow lamp, yellow throw pillow and yellow-border rug. The wall art does not go either, but that is a temporary covering for the wall AC unit, which someday we'll patch over. So some new wall art, a throw pillow or two with orange accents and a new lamp and I don't think it will look so bad.
What I like about the chair is it's retro feel, it's comfortable and it swivels and rocks which is nice to have when holding William. We already have some orange accents in the room that tie in the chair. These C&B prints hang in the entryway and over the book shelf behind the chair. So now the search is on for some throw pillows and a new lamp. We won't keep the chair forever, so I plan on spending the least amount of money possible when shopping for these items. Think "design on a dime," plus I love getting a bargain. It's a good thing William is a good shopping partner!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Welcome to the Day Care

That's what our living room looks like and we only have one kid! I found a (pretty boring) rug for the living room play area and moved all our kid related items onto it, instead of having them scattered about our living room.
You can see the rug better in this photo, it has a brick-like pattern. An off white rug would have looked the best in this space, but I knew that was not a good option for kids! A new chair for the space is still up in the air. The flowered chair had to return to Homegoods (sniffle, sniffle). It really wasn't comfortable and just wasn't right for the space. So the search continues.
William has had his share of fun in his new play area. His girlfriend Isabelle came over to play!
Izzy was trying to teach William to roll over, but he just wasn't having it. They are already good at sharing! And William tried his exersaucer for the first time. Do you think he liked it?