Thursday, July 28, 2011

Redefining Space

I love the open feeling of our living room/dining room combo but part of the living room area is just wasted space at this point. I've been trying to figure out what to do with it since we moved in but never really had the motivation to do so.
See the whole area near the window? It's a blank slate.
Since William has come into our lives, so have a lot of baby items. We have a rocker, an exersaucer, two bouncy seats and a play mat. We need some room for these things since right now they are scattered everywhere from the kitchen to the dining room. I envision this part of the room to be a play area, lined with a soft rug and baskets of toys.
Along the wall in living room we have a bookshelf that I added baskets to for storage. Some of the baskets are filled with toys already. The leaning shelf on the other side is just asking for things to be ripped off of it once William is mobile. So, I emptied off the bottom two shelves and replaced the breakables with baskets for more toys. Does it look as nice? No, but it makes it more functional and pretty soon all the "pretty" decorative items in our house will have to be removed anyway.
One problem with the space is the chair. It's kinda ugly and takes up a ton of space. It matched our old sofa but the people who bought the couch did not want the chair to go with it. So, here it sits. Last week I moved it out of the room and realized how much space that thing took up and knew it was time for something smaller and prettier to go in its place. So the search has started for a chair and I ended up with this..Though, I'm not so sure about it. I love the retro fabric and the casters. But an armless chair is not exactly comfortable and I think it may be too small for the area. The space could probably hold two chairs but a. there was only one and b. it would be twice the money. I apologize (yet again) for my poor photography skills. I really need to figure that lighting thing out. So for now the chair stays. Dave has yet to see it, I'm sure he'll veto it right away. Maybe you will too. I do realize that it doesn't "match" the room and I'm okay with that. Just not sure if it even goes. It may be back to the drawing board.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Funday?

Apparently my husband thinks this is a perfect way to spend a 90 degree Sunday. Roofer, what's a roofer?
and this is how William's decided to spend his Sunday. His tongue is his new built-in toy, it comes in a close second to his hands.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Going with the flow

It's been almost a month since I posted! I know, I know all you thousands of readers out there have been chomping at the bit. You are just going to have to make due with the monthly posting. We're not doing much on the house front these days since baby William takes up most of our time (in a good way!).

Last week the toilet flusher decided to break off inside of the tank. We thought that maybe it was time to buy a new toilet since ours makes this leaking dripping noise that sometimes keeps me awake at night. We could have spent a few hundred on a new commode or a few bucks on a new handle. We voted the latter, but we went with a different route. Dave ended up finding a dual flush button, it was still cheap, would save us water and solve the leaking noise problem. Do you get the title of the post now? Har, har.

So on it went.

No house project is complete with out Sammy getting in the way.

Here's the dual flush button. You push the top button for #1 and...well you get the picture.

Our toilet is now fully accesorized since it also has a diaper sprayer attached to the side that we use to spray down our cloth diapers, (yes, we're that brave).

Everyone loves a baby in a cloth diaper.

Oh and I know what you're thinking, that green tile is ugly. Yes, it is. It's the only room that has yet to be renovated on our first floor. It would take a major gut job to get it looking modern...ya, that's a project for another day.