Wednesday, June 22, 2011

William's Room

The nursery has been finished for 3 months now, so I figured that it was about time to post some pictures! Without further ado...

Where I spend most of my nights...

The side table holds all the things I need at 2 a.m, burp cloths, ipod doc, coaster for some water, cute owl night light from PB Kids..

Here's William's crib that he's been in since we got home from the hospital. Our room is right next door so we didn't need a bassinet. He LOVES looking at the mobile that I made him, especially now that the AC is in his room and the air blows on it and moves it all around. I also DIYed the canvases above the crib.

I turned my old dresser into a changing table. We covered the lamp with the same fabric that I used on the canvases. I say "we" because Dave actually did it. He's much better at things like that (it's the engineer in him).

I also re-used a book shelf that was in the hallway in our condo. It's great for extra storage for all of William's clothes.

Here's some close-ups of the wall art. I made the "keep calm and rock on" print on Microsoft Word. I don't have photo shop, and Word worked just fine!

So, there you have it. I had a lot of fun decorating his nursery, now I need another project!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I've been meaning to post

But doing things with one hand is not that easy, though I am getting some good practice with the skill. Also thinking of what I will type is hard when your brain is not working at full capacity. Yes, I am a mom to a newborn. No matter how tired I am, this makes it all worth it...Smiling is is new favorite thing! And it's not gas anymore. William loves his dad!
Oh, right this blog is about our house.. we actually do have a few house related updates. Dave put in a new screen door that leads to our deck. Sammy is the one who really enjoys it. This is the only door that has a full length window on it. Sammy now has full view of the squirrels in the backyard. She used to have to go to Meme's house to enjoy this luxury. We finally hung a light over the sink. It took forever to pick out and forever for it to be delivered, but here it is... We ordered it from Rejuvenation they have a great selection of retro style lighting, including the schoolhouse style which we chose. We're pretty happy with our choice and even if we weren't, the lights are all custom ordered so we're stuck with it. The window treatment that I've been talking about will be the next project...i'm sure it will be a few months before we actually get around to it though.