Thursday, May 19, 2011

This blog is no longer about renovations

Now that we have a kid, it's all about the kid. Not mom, not dad, not the house, just William. Once we get settled in more with the little guy and have (somewhat) of a routine down the house renovations will commence, but for now you will just have to deal with looking at cute pictures of my kid.

William turned 1 month yesterday, where did the month go? Silly me took the photos during the 6-8p.m. witching hour. They started like this...
And this....
And quickly went to this...
And then he had really had it...

At a happier point in time, Sammy and William were hanging out.

Do you think she likes him?


  1. The second one down is adorable! I love that he has a 'How you doin?' look about him with his little arm on the side of the chair. ;)

  2. Those Sammy/William pics SLAY ME. Frame them!!! I MIGHT FRAME THEM.

  3. William, looks very adorable. Thanks for sharing his photos to us. He is so cute!