Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pardon the interruption

But the house renovations are on hold. We've been doing little things here and there, but for the most part we've been trading of taking care of little William. The kitchen is 99% done, we're waiting for a light fixture to be delivered for over the sink and we need to make a valance for the window. Dave went back to Ikea for the thousandth time and got some stools that fit under the counter.
They fit perfectly and can slide under so that we can use the counter space for cooking. Oh, see that fishbowl on the counter? That's periwinkle, our 5 year old beta fish. We haven't fed him since February (really!) and he's still alive. He's the fish that will never die! We're not trying to kill him, he can't see or eat anymore. Ok, on to more exciting things.

William's 1st bottle.

His 3 week birthday!

I'm sure you're wondering what Sammy is up to.. Do you think she feels ignored? At least she didn't try to eat the cute monkey and elephant.

One last photo. Toot, Toot. My dad's an engineer! No i'm not confused.


  1. Love him!!! Too cute - seriously can't wait to meet him next week!

    We have those stools from Ikea for our tall desk - they look great!

    Dave looks like a pro w. the bottle - i say he keeps it up!

  2. Ok, so he will be 4 weeks old tomorrow?! I can't believe it! He's getting too big too fast already... William stop and wait to grow more until I can come visit again! Miss you guys! XO