Thursday, May 19, 2011

This blog is no longer about renovations

Now that we have a kid, it's all about the kid. Not mom, not dad, not the house, just William. Once we get settled in more with the little guy and have (somewhat) of a routine down the house renovations will commence, but for now you will just have to deal with looking at cute pictures of my kid.

William turned 1 month yesterday, where did the month go? Silly me took the photos during the 6-8p.m. witching hour. They started like this...
And this....
And quickly went to this...
And then he had really had it...

At a happier point in time, Sammy and William were hanging out.

Do you think she likes him?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pardon the interruption

But the house renovations are on hold. We've been doing little things here and there, but for the most part we've been trading of taking care of little William. The kitchen is 99% done, we're waiting for a light fixture to be delivered for over the sink and we need to make a valance for the window. Dave went back to Ikea for the thousandth time and got some stools that fit under the counter.
They fit perfectly and can slide under so that we can use the counter space for cooking. Oh, see that fishbowl on the counter? That's periwinkle, our 5 year old beta fish. We haven't fed him since February (really!) and he's still alive. He's the fish that will never die! We're not trying to kill him, he can't see or eat anymore. Ok, on to more exciting things.

William's 1st bottle.

His 3 week birthday!

I'm sure you're wondering what Sammy is up to.. Do you think she feels ignored? At least she didn't try to eat the cute monkey and elephant.

One last photo. Toot, Toot. My dad's an engineer! No i'm not confused.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

We have a baby!

We keep saying that to each other. It just seems so strange that we're parents and that our baby is here. It's still pretty surreal. These past two weeks since William was born have flown by. William had his first bath, first walk and first trip to the store. Dave is home for one more week before he goes back to work (which is when the panic of being alone will set in)! My goal for next week is to practice taking William and Sammy out for a walk and take him out to the store by myself. Timing has been everything! If I feed him before I go out, I have about an hour and half before he needs to eat again. It's amazing how quickly I can do things now that used to take a lot longer. I flew through the grocery store and Target today throwing stuff in the cart and zipped home to find a sleeping baby. That was a good feeling since I thought I'd get home to Dave trying to console a hungry kid.
William's first bath was a success. He even enjoyed it once mom and dad got the water warm enough!

Dave is an amazing dad, William is lucky guy. He has been doing all sorts of things around the house like cleaning out the garage and porch, finishing up the trim in the kitchen, washing windows and cars, while also helping out with the baby. (resulting in the photo below)

It's been quite a learning experience for the both of us. We never know if we are doing things right, we're up all hours of the night, and are always exhausted. All that said, everything becomes worth it when we look at William's sweet little face.