Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hiatus from kitchen work

This past week we took a little break from the kitchen reno to head out to San Francisco. It was a much needed break and it was nice to be away from the snow for a while. We figured 50's and 60's and sunny beats 30, cold and snowy any day. San Fran has always been on my must visit list and we knew it was probably not a trip we'd take with an infant, so no time like the present!
Here are some highlights from the trip:

First night view from our hotel room

Views in the morning (I was still sound asleep at this point, it was 5:00 am!)

Looking out towards Twin Peaks

View of the Bay Bridge

Oh, just a bald eagle.

Every where you look, everywhere...

Alcatraz (we never made it there!)

My Godfather, Michael and Me

I look tiny here, I guess stripes are a girl's best friend. I'll be wearing this shirt everyday after I deliver.

Muir Woods, some seriously big trees

You'd think the huge tree would make me look smaller, not so much.

You'd never know we were right outside the city. I heart San Fran!

Stinson Beach (we kept calling it Barney beach, all you HIMYM fans out there will get this)

Our room at the W, definitely more trendy than we were.

Oh and last but not least, the changing color glowing buddah.


  1. You guys are cuter than cute. MORE BUMP PICS PLEASE! Or maybe an in-person one??? I want to see you before the babe is here!

  2. I know, I know I need to take more photos before it's too late! :)