Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hi Chairy!

It's not quite blue like Chairy, but that's what I think about whenever I see our new rocker.

It's a lighter color green than pictured on the interwebs, which to be honest is nice. Not sure what I'd do with a fluorescent green chair after it's not being used in a nursery. The best part is that it's not only a rocker, it reclines! Thanks to advice from my SIL, I got the chair with the reclining option that she wishes she had. It works out well since the nursery is so small and there would not be much room for an ottoman.

It's oh so comfy and I can picture myself falling asleep at 3am while feeding Baby Roache. Dave thinks it's so comfortable that he wants to designate it his beer drinking-football chair and bring it into the living room. Hate to break it to you Dave, but that's not the kind of bottle you'll be holding.

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