Monday, February 14, 2011

10 weeks left...

before our bundle of joy is here, also meaning 10 weeks left to finish the kitchen. We're making steady progress though. Actually having walls is making a difference towards picturing a completed kitchen.

Saturday night festivities.

All primed and ready to be painted. Choosing a paint color is another story all together...

Here's what the floor will look like:
I really wanted to do a dark walnut stained wood, but it would not flow with the rest of the house. So, we're staying with the oak that matches the rest of the house.

Right now I am hearing yells coming from the garage as Dave attempts to bring in the rocker for the nursery that may or may not fit through any of our doorways. I better go see if he needs help, not that I can be of any assistance in my 7mon. preggo state..


  1. Is Dave wearing a dress shirt to paint the kitchen? You have to be classy in a new kitchen ;) Looks great!

  2. Yes, he's wearing a Brooks Brother's shirt that got rust on it! best dressed painter around!