Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hiatus from kitchen work

This past week we took a little break from the kitchen reno to head out to San Francisco. It was a much needed break and it was nice to be away from the snow for a while. We figured 50's and 60's and sunny beats 30, cold and snowy any day. San Fran has always been on my must visit list and we knew it was probably not a trip we'd take with an infant, so no time like the present!
Here are some highlights from the trip:

First night view from our hotel room

Views in the morning (I was still sound asleep at this point, it was 5:00 am!)

Looking out towards Twin Peaks

View of the Bay Bridge

Oh, just a bald eagle.

Every where you look, everywhere...

Alcatraz (we never made it there!)

My Godfather, Michael and Me

I look tiny here, I guess stripes are a girl's best friend. I'll be wearing this shirt everyday after I deliver.

Muir Woods, some seriously big trees

You'd think the huge tree would make me look smaller, not so much.

You'd never know we were right outside the city. I heart San Fran!

Stinson Beach (we kept calling it Barney beach, all you HIMYM fans out there will get this)

Our room at the W, definitely more trendy than we were.

Oh and last but not least, the changing color glowing buddah.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hi Chairy!

It's not quite blue like Chairy, but that's what I think about whenever I see our new rocker.

It's a lighter color green than pictured on the interwebs, which to be honest is nice. Not sure what I'd do with a fluorescent green chair after it's not being used in a nursery. The best part is that it's not only a rocker, it reclines! Thanks to advice from my SIL, I got the chair with the reclining option that she wishes she had. It works out well since the nursery is so small and there would not be much room for an ottoman.

It's oh so comfy and I can picture myself falling asleep at 3am while feeding Baby Roache. Dave thinks it's so comfortable that he wants to designate it his beer drinking-football chair and bring it into the living room. Hate to break it to you Dave, but that's not the kind of bottle you'll be holding.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

And we have a floor

Here are some (slightly cluttered) photos of the floor.
In progress:


Saturday consisted of multiple trips to Home Depot because A. the rented flooring stapler did not work and B. Dave ran out of wood before he was completely done. Even with all the set backs it only took Dave one day to put in the floor. What can I say, my husband is a machine!

Next up moving in the appliances and painting the walls. We're going with the furthest to the left. It's amazing how many shades of grey there are and how long it takes to actually pick one.

Monday, February 14, 2011

10 weeks left...

before our bundle of joy is here, also meaning 10 weeks left to finish the kitchen. We're making steady progress though. Actually having walls is making a difference towards picturing a completed kitchen.

Saturday night festivities.

All primed and ready to be painted. Choosing a paint color is another story all together...

Here's what the floor will look like:
I really wanted to do a dark walnut stained wood, but it would not flow with the rest of the house. So, we're staying with the oak that matches the rest of the house.

Right now I am hearing yells coming from the garage as Dave attempts to bring in the rocker for the nursery that may or may not fit through any of our doorways. I better go see if he needs help, not that I can be of any assistance in my 7mon. preggo state..

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Just in case you wondered what my preggo belly is looking like these days, here's a bumpdate. 30wks, on my way to prenatal yoga!

DIY Crib skirt

There's only so much I can do in the nursery since it currently houses the entire contents of our kitchen cabinets. Somehow we managed to squeeze a crib in the room. Since the crib was already assembled I was able to tackle the project of making a crib skirt via this method.
The top and bottom of the crib skirt will not show, so I didn't even bother adding a hem to the skirt. This made for an easy job of measuring and cutting the material then attaching the material to the metal frame of the crib with velcro. While I was at the fabric store buying the velcro, I fell in love with a Dwell Studio animal print fabric and ended up buying some even though I had already bought and cut fabric to use in the nursery.

After much deliberation (and Dave saying he liked the new fabric) I decided to stick with the Bodalee fabric I already had. To use the Dwell fabric I would have to make new canvases and get new curtains. I also tried to match the mobile colors to the Bodalee fabric. It seemed silly to start over this late in the game. Back to the store the cute Dwell (sniff, sniff) fabric went.

The nursery rocker gets delivered on Monday, Happy Valentine's Day to me! I decided to be adventurous and order the chair in another color than the white color I had originally chose. You'll just have to wait and see what it looks like!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

putting the crib together

I couldn't think of a catchy title, so I stated it like it is. I think it's pregnancy brain, I have no creativity. In the disaster that is our nursery we figured why not add one more thing to the clutter, the crib. Our bedroom is exactly 2 steps to the nursery so we're not having a bassinet or doing co-sleeping. The baby will go in the crib from the start (at least that's the plan). Now that I'm into the 3rd trimester reality set in that we're actually having a baby and soon at that. We should probably have the necessities like a place for the kid to sleep, even if it's amidst a kitchen aid mixer, wedding gifts and spices.

The entire crib making process took only a half an hour, thanks to my quick working hubby. For the most part I just stood around and watched, and of course took photos. No house project would be complete without Sammy helping out.
I'm sure she would have been in the crib if we let her.
It's almost done.. This is how the crib would be a toddler "bed." You just add this 'don't-want-child-to-fall-out-of-bed-rail' that came with the crib. That was an added bonus of this crib since most of the toddler conversion kits are an additional cost.
And what you've been waiting for...

Not bad for a half hour's work! Thankfully there was no yelling or fighting over "But part 3G doesn't fit into 4F!", like in the movies or sitcoms as a couple struggles to put the crib together. I guess it helps to have an engineer husband.
I made the banner out of extra scrap booking paper when I made the mobile, and wanted to see how it looks. Next on deck? The crib skirt. One problem, I fell in love with some fabric when I was out buying the materials to attach the crib skirt to the crib. Now I have some decisions to make.