Friday, January 21, 2011

so much for a diy headboard

I had big plans of making a diy headboard, by copying this method. Dave was very wiling to help, but now that the house is torn apart and we have a long way to go, making a diy headboard was not exactly on the top of the list. Also, as I started looking into it more I learned that we wouldn't save that much money trying to make the headboard ourselves after paying for the material, wood and supplies. The Apartment Therapy link showed that it cost $110 to make. I did some online shopping and found one on Target for not much more and the added plus, I don't have to make it!

We've never had a headboard on our bed in the 5 years we've lived together. In the condo we didn't have room for a bed frame, so just used the metal frame.

Now that we have a new bedroom set, we really needed to add some maturity to our room with a headboard. There is something about not having a headboard that screams bachelor pad or college apartment. The room seemed to be really missing something. Another thought was that with a headboard, I can sit up in bed and nurse if I need to once the baby arrives. See what I mean? It just looks bare. We almost ordered the bed frame that went with our bedroom set, but when we measured, we'd only have a few inches to squeeze through at the end of the bed. So that's why a headboard made the most sense.
Without further ado, here it is.

I think it really pulls the room together! The one problem with ordering something online is that the colors do not always look the same in person. I thought the headboard was going to be a different color, so that it would contrast more with the wall. At this point, I am not about to take it down, re-package it and send it back. Guess it's here to stay. I'm still learning how to use the camera, bear with me people.
Now off to diy some art for the nursery!

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  1. Looks good! And now that you have the frame/structure, sometime in the future when you get tired of the color you could always half DIY it; shouldn't be too hard to take the buttons off, cover it with some fabric (you might be able to snag something like a fitted sheet on clearance that should be big enough) and re-tuft. That's why I also plan on having an upholstered headboard, so you can change it when you want.