Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowed in, again!

We've had three Nor'easters here in New England and it's only January! This is my third snow day off from teaching. It's given me some extra time to get some things done around the house while Dave shovels.
Here's the new baby mobile (not to be confused with this baby mobile).

Oh and there's our house, er, somewhere...

Last snow day I worked on making canvases for the nursery. I poked around Michaels and ACMoore and found out that on sale, I'd spend 12 or 15 each on a blank canvas. I needed four canvases and spending $60 on something that I was just going to cover with fabric made no sense. Then last week I was in Christmas Tree Shop and found these lovely canvases at $1.99 a pop.
What, a rooster doesn't immediately scream nursery to you? I scooped up four of them, total cost $8. Done and done.

The only issue I had with buying already painted canvases was that you could see the rooster through the fabric I chose to cover them with. The easy solution was to use some scrap white material I had laying around to cover the canvas. I first needed to iron it.

Then used a staple gun to attach it to the back of the canvas.

Next I cut the fabric into squares and folded and stapled it around the frame. To make the corners seamless, I folded the material just like you would when wrapping a present. I used some of the Boodalee Fabric that I got on the cheap at Zulilly as well as some Dwell Fabric from Jo-Ann..

Here's the first one:

I repeated the process on all of the canvases and here's how they turned out!

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  1. Adorable! You're so crafty--- seriously teach me.