Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thanks Santa!

I was very excited and surprised that Santa brought me a digital SLR camera for Christmas! I had been hinting for awhile that a nice camera would be great to have when the baby comes, but never thought I'd actually get one! What can I say, I'm spoiled :).
I got the Canon EOS Rebel T2i, whatever all that means. All I know is that it takes great photos without even trying, though I have a lot to learn. Maybe I'll take a class on how to use it!
Dave had more fun with the camera than I did yesterday. Here are some highlights from the day.

And the best photos of all,
Cranberry Stilton Before:

And after:

You can see where that photo is headed. Dave had no idea that he was taking the photo and by the time he put the camera down it was too late. I think Sammy was just doing everyone a favor, no one else would touch the stinky stilton anyway.

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