Monday, November 8, 2010

Need to sell anything?

Send it our way. Apparently, we're pretty good at selling things. Yes, I just tooted our own horn. Dave said that we're good at buying things. Which, really is the truth. We had an offer on our condo after the first showing, so we knew that was a good investment.

I recently sold a pair of shoes on ebay for 100 beans (and only bought them for 80!). And this weekend we sold our old couch and Dave's car. What can I say we're on a roll.
We listed our C&B sofa for 500 last weekend with no interest, when we lowered it to 375 we had a bunch of people interested. It's all about pricing things right and buying something classic that won't go out of style. It is a big sleeper sofa that we replaced with our sectional. We'd like to have a sofa upstairs when we turn it into a rec. room, but there was no way it was going to make it up our steep attic stairs. Someone got a great deal on a sofa, what they don't know is that we bought it at the outlet and made all our money back! ha!

Next we sold Dave's car. Yes, we're buying a baby mobile. And,no, its not a mini-van. Dave listed his 4runner on Saturday and with in 2 hours we had 5 emails and someone who drove by the house who was interested. On Sunday after the first test-drive, it was sold.

It feels good to have sold all these items so quickly! We never expected it! Maybe we'll have a yard sale next, I have a bunch of junk in the attic.

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