Sunday, November 28, 2010

Finally getting around to it.

Those of you who have been over to our house know that we have a lovely entertainment center consisting of the cable box, dvd player, and receiver sitting on top of a beautiful speaker. We had been asked if we were going to get an actual entertainment center. Well, it was on the list. Dave had visions of turning one of the built-ins that came with the house into a cabinet for all the electronics
but now that he's on to bigger and better things (like tearing the attic and basement apart) it got put on the back burner. With baby on the way, I knew these things needed a place to hide. Especially since our little friend Evan came over and tested it out for us and yes, it's really fun to turn the stereo volume up and push all of the buttons. Thanks for the hint Evan!

I did lots of research online to find the right size cabinet. I searched C&B, West Elm and Target. We found the cabinet we liked at Target not only for the price (a huge plus!) but also for the dimensions. Our stereo receiver is pretty deep and the cabinets we found at the other stores were just not wide enough. I also liked the feature the cabinet had to close half of it off so you don't see the cable box.

Now I just need to figure out what to put on top of the cabinet and also on the shelves, it looks a little too matchy-matchy right now. And to answer your question, yes everything we own is green.

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