Monday, September 6, 2010

yet another door

Yes, you heard it right. Another new door is being put into our home. This time Dave's replacing the outside basement door. This was one of those things on the to-do list, but had no idea when we'd get around to it. I came back from the store today and the door was gone. This seems to be a trend around here. I leave for a bit, and when I come back at least one thing is rebuilt or knocked down.

Since I had no idea Dave was even working on this project, I have no before photos. But I can show you the door he took off that was on its last leg.

The storm door was not in as bad shape as the screen.

You may have noticed in the first photo that the door is not normal sized. Yes, it's a door for hobbits.

Now Dave's working on cutting down the frame and door and making it hobbit sized. Nothing's easy around here.

What am I doing during all this besides taking photos you ask? Making brownies, in the kitchen, like a good housewife should.

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