Sunday, September 12, 2010

Storage Solutions

Until now, our basement held boxes of kitchen stuff that would not fit into our 5 cabinets in our current kitchen. Since we're ready to start the kitchen remodel, we knew all the stuff that is already in our kitchen would have to be stored some place too. We headed out to good old Target and bought some storage shelves and set them up in our second bedroom. I unpacked (6 months later) the kitchen stuff in the basement and moved it upstairs. Pretty soon I'll have to empty out the cabinets in the kitchen.

We're not using the second bedroom right now, so it made perfect sense to store the kitchen things in there since it would be on the same floor as the kitchen. Now I don't need to run down to the basement when I need something cooking related! Hopefully our second bedroom won't remain as a storage facility for too long! As we speak Dave is putting together some cabinets for the kitchen to go around the fridge. Updates to come later!


  1. In the last picture, I am in love with the fabric/paper in the frame! So modern and pretty! I'm also in love with your wall color. Gorgeous!

  2. Thanks so much! :) Still a work in progress, but eventually I'll make pillows and a throw blanket out of the fabric.