Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's coming along

I've been a little slow on posting here. This working every day and teaching 5 year olds is really cramping my style. Dave actually finished the other side of the kitchen last weekend, but I was too lazy to post.



I'm sure you noticed we never picked out a paint color. We are actually thinking that we should pick out floor tile and counters before we jump into choosing a color right away. The counter that is there is a cheap-o from IKEA to use while we decide what types of counters to get. Oh and don't worry those ugly black feet won't be showing once Dave puts a baseboard over them.

Here are the other cabinets with the handles on. They're a lot easier to open this way.

The kitchen is about 1/4 done. We still need to re-do the floors, hire an electrician, purchase appliances, run a gas line up for the stove, get a plumber in to install pipes for the dishwasher...the list goes on. But we've made progress and that's all that matters.

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