Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Funday

Well, not really. I guess if you like doing things like building stairs and testing out paint samples, then today would be a thriller. I picked up a few paint sample jars to try some colors out for the kitchen. What I learned is that the colors in the store, under the god-awful fluorescent lights do not look the same once you get them home. Although, there is much to be said for the lighting in our kitchen.

Dave primed the wall to get ready for testing.

And here's my handy work. Talented aren't I?

So the verdict is...none of them are exactly right. The one on the right is too light and the one on the left is waaaay to dark for a tiny kitchen. The one in the middle is the closest to what I am looking for. I labeled them so I would remember which is which.

So aqua smoke isn't so bad. I was looking for a light aqua color, but I think that maybe the colors are a little to green. I have a whole wall to try out more colors so I'm sure I'll head back out to the paint store for more.

While I've been upstairs, Dave's been in the basement working on the stairs. One of the many obscenities that have come from his mouth occurred after this happened:

The top to the ceiling paint was definitely NOT on when he went to shake it up.

Well, now the rug is a nice drop cloth. It was going to come up anyways, just not, uh, now. Besides the mishaps, this is the progress he's made on the stairs. Walls and ceiling painted heading down.

And they're now stained a dark walnut.
Dave's working on putting in the trim as we speak.

By the end of the day the railing and balusters will be in which will all be white. Once the stairs are completely done, we can actually start on the kitchen.

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