Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pick a door, any door...

Our hallway now resembles something out of Let's Make a Deal. Let's hope there are no goats behind those doors..

In the photo you can only see 3 doors, well in that small space there are actually 5, yes 5 doors. There are so many doors I can't get them in one photo. Until yesterday, there were only four. But four was just not enough. We like having guests over and make them guess which one is the bathroom.

The reason for a new door is to make more room for cabinets in our kitchen. Right now we have a whole wall with no cabinets on it, but a door that leads to the basement.
The kitchen is so tiny and having a big door take up precious cabinet space seemed silly. So, why not move the door? The top of the basement stairs leads straight across to the hallway that I showed before. For some reason when the house was built, they made the stairs curve at the top and open up into the kitchen.

I'll just move the door, "Easy," said Dave. I thought, "suuure." Well I was wrong, I woke up yesterday morning and there was no door, by the afternoon, there was a new one!
Here's the first step, where he took the wall down on the basement side.

And it's all down.

Evening it out a bit.

Now we can head down to the basement from two places.

The project wouldn't be complete without some help from Sammy.

Door's on!
Dave's working on putting the trim moulding around the door right now. Just what I wanted for our Anniversary, a door! :) Next new stairs.

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