Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another Beige Room

You would think I've had enough of beige by now. Well, you're right. Since I'm off for the summer and had no classes to go to this week, I thought I'd start on a project. Our ugly sunroom/screened porch/not sure what it's really called, was asking for an update.
We have gallons of Carlisle Cream from the living room left over, so I decided, why not paint the paneling? Dave agreed and said "it's not like you can mess anything up in there".

You can see why I wanted to paint it. The most fun part is that there are two types of paneling in there! One is wood grained and one is regular old paneling. What were they thinking??


One coat on the "wood" wall.

And then I ran out of paint and had to open another can. Which is when I realized that I started painting with the hallway paint, Bar Harbor Beige, 1032, not 1031. Oops.
See the difference between the left and right?

And then Dave came home as I was painting over the darker paint. And that's when we figured that all this work made no sense if we were going to eventually rip the paneling out. So mid stroke, I stopped painting.

And that is how I left it. Even with the one mismatched layer of paint, it really brightened it up. When it's not too hot out, it's Sammy's favorite spot!

When the paneling and ugly orange carpet is out, we'll tile the floor and put up sheetrock and turn it into a mudroom. Sammy can't wait to have another place with tile. She seeks out any tile she can find in the house since it stays cool.

Here's some inspirations for the mudroom:

We want to make built-ins along the windowed wall with baskets, and then along the other wall a place to hang coats and bags.

And in the corner we'll add this in:

Just kidding, this is a 10X10 room people. But how great would that be? You could even wash kids in it!

I am guessing we'll do the kitchen before this mudroom thing, since a dishwasher is more important than a place to hang things. It gives me time to pick out tile and a wall color. Any wall color suggestions?

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  1. You should have finished, you were so close!