Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sammy or Marley?

I really could have a whole blog devoted to my crazy dog's antics. Maybe you'd find it more amusing. Once we settle down from the initial shock of what she has done, we do find it more amusing than lets say, wiring a new light fixture. Last weekend we went out to dinner and left for only an hour or two. We were already home for a while when Dave walked around our dining room table and said, "uh I think the dog ate something." I responded with," great is there puke over there?" Which I should have known was not the case since our dog has the stomach of steel.

Dave was staring at this:

We did the stare down at the remains of whatever it was for a few minutes when we both realized that it was the remains of an...
artichoke! I am guessing Sammy thought it was real just like all of you do when you come over. Dave made the comment that she thought it was feta cheese filled. To her surprise, it wasn't, and then we started to realize that there was styrofoam all over the house. We also saw the remnants of the poor artichoke on our walks for the next few days, if you get my drift. Now my centerpiece looks all out of whack. I hope Crate and Barrel still makes them.

This incident reminds me of another one where I couldn't figure out what she had done. I came home to this:

Oh, just the remains of a cantaloup. That was all that was left. Those few seeds, no rind, no fruit. Oh, and I should mention that I left the cantaloup on the top of the fridge when I left for work. My kindergartner's loved that story.

How does a dog that looks like this:

or this:

and this:

cause all that trouble you ask? Well that's her ploy. Look as damn cute as possible so the humans don't know that dogs are taking over the world, or at least residence at 366.

Or maybe, it's to get back at us for this:

or this:

and this:

Unless she starts talking like that Bush's Baked Beans dog, the world may never know.


  1. Haha that made my morning great blog post about Sammy she is always getting herself into something.

  2. OMG!! Hilarious post (for us, not so much you guys) but seriously Ben needs to have a serious sit down with Sammy!