Thursday, June 24, 2010

Apparently it's called a cornice

When I was doing google searches for photos of wooden window valances I discovered that is actually called a cornice. Go figure. The cornice is finished a lot sooner than I thought. It was one of those house projects that did not need to be done right away, so i thought the roll of fabric would sit in our screened porch for months. I discovered that Dave is as goal oriented as I am and likes checking things off the list. Last weekend Dave left the house saying "I'm off to Lowe's to get the wood for the valance." Really? Oh, okay, sounds good to me!

I already (with your help) picked and got the fabric from Joanns on special order.

The Robert Allen, Cats Cradle fabric that was supposed to take 4 weeks arrived at the store in about a week! I had to order 4 yards, when I only needed 3 1/2, so now I have a whole lotta extra fabric hanging around.

After I picked it up, it sat around for a week or two. Last weekend we decided to tackle some jobs around the house and to my surprise, the cornice was on the list. Dave got the wood from Lowe's and measured and cut it to hang over the 101" wide dining room window.

Then we took it down to cover the wood with batting. Dave just stapled it to the wood.

Dave added that middle piece of wood that is sticking out to act as a frame on the window. Instead of having to hang the valance by brackets on the edge which would show, he added the extra piece of wood to sit on top of the window frame. That way he could just put a few screws across the top and you would never seem them. Ain't my hubby clever? I didn't marry an engineer for nothing! Oh and please excuse our hideous basement, that's a project for a much later date.

Then we cut and measured the fabric a few inches wider than the wood on each side.

The hardest part of getting the valance, sorry cornice, to look right was making sure the fabric was straight. Since it is a geometric pattern, it would not look right if the squares did not go straight across on the wood. Dave just stapled the fabric at the same exact spot all the way across the wood.

And then continue stapling all the way around.

And of course Sammy had to check out what was going on. It was 11pm, so she was wondering when we were going to go to bed.

Stapling the fabric around the corners was the trickiest part. We had to make sure that the fabric sat flat against the wood.

Done! There's the screw in the top ready to be drilled into the window frame.

And here's the finished product!

(Really) Before:



Now that I'm off for the summer, I'm ready to tackle another project. Maybe I'll get the spray paint out again...

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