Saturday, May 1, 2010


Dave has been complaining for years about how uncomfy our sleeper sofa was at the condo. So we decided new house, new sofa. We hit up all the big furniture places around the area but couldn't find one that was A. comfortable and B. grey. Most sofas come in a light beige and you have to order other colors which could take up to 6 weeks. We were very over sitting on patio furniture and 6 weeks seemed like an eternity. I had been eyeing the West Elm Walton sectional for a while and Dave finally gave. It wasn't too expensive, it was comfortable and it was stocked in the color we wanted. Also we could pick it up from the store that was 5 miles away. We rented a zipcar and since it was a sectional and it came in three pieces Dave took two in the zipcar truck and I took one in his SUV. Easy peasy lemon squeezy (as my kindergartners would say).

I've always wanted a sectional and our living room is plenty big for one, so it made the most sense. We got the new coffee table from C&B and are waiting to get an end table once we find the right one. We definitely need a rug (and hang pictures) to pull things together, but we can't put one down yet since you have to wait a month to put down rugs after you get the floors refinished. Also, I can't find one I like that is not $1,000. Any recommendations for rugs?
Oh, see that white thing on the wall? That is the bottom of an AC unit. Isn't in the best spot? Directly over our new sofa! And..that's a post for another day.
Off to go sit on the very comfortable sofa and relax for a bit. This shopping stuff is wearing me out.


  1. Sofa looks beautiful!

    And Sam's condo has the same problem: HUGE A/C unit retrofitted (badly) right in the middle of a bedroom wall that sticks out a bit. She got a nice big canvas on a wood stretch frame that fits over the 'bulge', painted it in a very simple design, and hung it right over the unit.

    Solves the problem very nicely, easily, and cheaply for the 10 months of the year when you don't need the unit on. I could take some pictures of it if you want more details.

  2. That's just what I was thinking, wasn't sure if I could find a canvas with a deep enough frame. Isn't Sam an artist? I can't paint for the life of me...maybe some stencils hmm..

  3. You could get the canvas on a frame and cover it with fabric, like you did in the bedroom. The frame can be as thick as you want by just adding wood strapping...Dave can do it with his new toys in his new playroom in the basement....or paint the canvas the same color as the wall.... I know it's awkwardly high on the wall, so it won't be easy to center a picture...

    Love the sectional! by the does Sammy like it?

    Things are looking great and soooo fast! Good job...

  4. It looks like it is almost centered....maybe you can hang a few at different heights and spread them out.