Saturday, May 22, 2010

Never thought I'd be so exited to get a patio set as a gift

Shame on me for lagging on my blogging responsiblities, but it's been a long week, and from what I can tell, it is going to be a long road till the end of June when school's out for summer.

I've been looking for a patio set for a while now and could not find one that I liked, probably due to lack of funds and the fact that we would end up owning something that would rust by the end of summer. Just in time, my dad suggested that he'd like to get us a housewarming gift and wondered what would we like. Dave already bought the grill and lawnmower, so patio set it was.

My dad being the great researcher he is, found a place down in Plymouth that sells Brown Jordan patio sets. I had never heard of the company, but apparently, it's been around for 50 years and people who bought their sets back then, still have them. Here they are featured in Garden Design and Elle Decor. The company has great customer service as well as replacement parts for all of their chairs. If you want to change the color, you can contact them, they'll pick it up, spray it to the new color you want and return it to you. They also have replacement slings (mesh seats) so you don't have to get rid of the chairs if the fabric wears down, you can just replace it. I was sold and also the sets don't look to shabby either.

Our set is just like this, but with a long oval table that seats six in a grey...are you sensing a theme here the with grey?

Do you think it will come with the backdrop?

The set gets delivered this week! Yippee! Thanks Dad! Just in time for Memorial Day weekend! Now we just need some good weather.

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