Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting the Hang of it

I am pretty exhausted after doing housework today. I hung pictures, raked leaves, vacuumed out my car, did laundry, grocery shopping and I think I'm done for today.

This weekend Dave worked (for a very long time i might add) to do the wiring in order to hang our flat screen over the mantle. He had to go to knock out a closet on our second floor so that he could get to the floor beneath and run wires through the wall.

We had a bit of a mess..

Mess cleaned up, tv ready to go on the wall bracket.

And it's up! Maybe we should have bought theater seating instead of a sectional. I think we'll get a smaller tv once we finish the basement and that monstrosity can go in the man cave. But at least we can see the tv, it's been sitting on the floor for the past month.

Next project: Building an entertainment console for all dvd player, cable box, and receiver to go in.

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