Monday, May 24, 2010

Curtains Round 3

Since our living room and dining room are one room I want to have different window treatments in either part to make it seem more like two distinct rooms. We have the long curtains in the living room side so I want to put up something different for the dining room.

Since the dining room is pretty small so I don't want to do anything to large for window treatments. I decided that I am going to make a valance out of wood (ok well Dave will do the cutting of the wood part) I just need to buy the fabric to cover it with. Harder than it sounds. The window is over 100" wide, so I need 3 1/2 yards of fabric.

I found this fabric at Joanns and at only 9.99 a yard it seemed like a good choice.

But, it just didn't work. The pattern was waaaay to small and from a distance, it almost looked like plain fabric. So much for spending $10 a yard. I went back to Joann and picked up a bunch of sample fabrics from their special order section, some that are uh..$50/yard. Joann has sales all the time, so I'll wait to buy it when I can get a percentage off.

Now, I just have to choose. We have a dark brown rug under the table, so I am thinking one of the dark brown patterns will look best. I love the graphic square print (third one in) , by Robert Allen, the only problem is that it has a white background and I was really hoping it would have brown as the background color and white squares. I also like the dark brown fabric (first on the right) by Annie Selke, with the squiggles, but since the pattern repeats, it may get cut off when I wrap it around the valance, which would look weird. So now I don't know what to do. Which one do you like?!


  1. I think the middle one is great, but I also like the one to the right of it. This is why all these years later, I have no valance or curtains in my bedroom!

  2. If you feel that the second one on the left with the brown background and white pattern is too light a brown, then I'd say I like the middle one.