Friday, April 16, 2010


We are officially homeowners! As soon as we got the keys we started throwing things away and ripping things up. Yesterday and today the hardwood floors were being refinished so the movers had to move everything into the garage and basement. Dave ripped up the brown carpet in the hallway to reveal never used hardwood. It made such a difference once the carpet was out, it opened the hallway right up. I can't wait to see what the floors look like when they're done! It's supposed to be 50 and rainy all weekend, so unfortunately it will take longer for the floors to dry. We now know that the heat works, we have it cranked! That will be a fun bill to get.

Here's a sampling of a the fun things I found laying around the house. If you have a back itch, head on over.

Oh and you have to see the awesome door bell....

What do you think, should we keep it?


  1. I would so keep the dooebell! What a neat looking thing! But then again, I don't know your decor,'s ultimately up to you! But I say save it!

    Jen (Champoux) Boughton

  2. Oh man I was looking for my tiny gold hand on a stick! Please return.

  3. Congrats guys! So exciting and what a great looking house (paneling and all!) My vote is doorbell goes, looks like something from a church basement. Anyway, congrats and have fun with home ownership!

    PS perfect yard for a crazy dog!

  4. That same doorbell just sold online for like $600. I wanted to keep it, but now I think it goes!