Thursday, April 22, 2010

Painting: Check

This may be the last post for a while since were planning to move in to our cable-less, internet-less, phone-less house. I hope those Verizon guys come quick, not sure how I can live without the interwebs.

Day two of painting was another success. My parents came by again and started bright and early. By the end of the day the hallway and second bedroom were painted.

We painted the hallway Bar Harbor beige which is one shade darker than the living room. We're in the process of hanging and painting new paneled doors and once those are up, it will look like a brand new house, and less like a dirty carpeted place from the 1960s. Though my niece Libby thoroughly enjoyed playing music on it with a screwdriver, the funeral home door bell is gone.



The second bedroom went from an almost fluorescent blue to a calm grey called Marina Grey. We painted that room with Benjamin Moore's Natura line, that has no vocs since it will some day be a nursery. Paints can give off vocs for years so we wanted to be safe. Don't get ahead of yourselves people, a baby is not in the plan for right now, we just wanted to plan ahead.



One other project I completed yesterday was putting some plants in a new planter. We're not touching the yard this year so I needed to add a lil' spring somehow. My mom came up and helped me, which is a good thing since I have killed almost every house plant or herb that I have owned.

So that's it for now folks. We're off to start moving some stuff in and buy fun things like a fridge, a bedroom set and a couch... to me this is the most fun part.


  1. It's been fun having a house full of people for a little while! I've bonded with Sammy and it was nice to have the canine presence in the house again. But don't get any surprise doggies, please!
    I'm so happy for Dave and Amanda...the house is so cute and really looking good. Lots of potential. The age of the house has really made it a bit nostalgic, a throw back to the old house in Brighton..
    Well, we're off to move more "stuff" today and start filling up those newly painted rooms and closets! I keep hoping my basement is empty at the end of this....but probably no chance....

  2. The house is looking amazing so far! I'm truly impressed. Keep up the great work!