Sunday, April 25, 2010

And we're back

I have been neglectful on my blogging because we haven't had internet since we moved in last week. We introduced the house to 2010 by getting cable, internet and phone.
There is so much we've done the past few days I can't post about it all, but I'll give you a few highlights....

Here's Dave ripping out the old cabinets getting ready for our new fridge to be delivered...

And here's the ginormous fridge that got delivered...

And here it is where it will live in our kitchen. I still haven't figured out all the drawers or functions. In the freezer there is a spot labeled frozen pizza where the pizza boxes fit in standing up..maybe this fridge was worth the money we spent! The reno of the outdated kitchen surrounding the fridge is in the plans for the coming months!

What else have we been doing?
-living at Home Depot and Lowe's, they know us by name now.
-Hanging blinds on all the windows
- Hanging chandeliers
-Painting and hanging new paneled doors
- Hanging closet shelves and rods
-Organizing closets
-Hanging curtain rods
-Moving in furniture and shopping for new stuff (yay!)
- Grounding outlets and changing out all the old switch plates
-painting radiator covers

the list goes on.... and on...

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