Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bathroom Progress

Painting, check. Clean the tile, check. Buy shower curtain, check. Order a light that doesn't work, check.
Maybe should have looked at the dimensions of the light when I ordered it from Overstock. I love the light, but it is obviously too low for the mirror. So when Dave was at good ol' HD, I asked him to check out the lights and he came home with this: It doesn't look nearly as nice as the one from Overstock, but it keeps with the aesthetic of the bathroom so I guess it's a keeper. And at $60, it didn't break the bank either.
The paint color is Benjamin Moore, Pebble Beach. It's in the same color family as William's room, just a few shades lighter. We upgraded to a new chrome shower curtain rod, which looks so much nicer. It's amazing what small updates do for a room.
I picked out a few white waffle knit shower curtains, and while they were fine, it was a bit boring. So I bought this puppy at Target and hoped for the best. It ties in the black from the tile nicely and I'm always a fan of a geometric pattern. I found some ombre-chevron towels at Home Goods. I bought every one that they had. We still have a few more updates like a glass shelf and some art, but we're almost there.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Keeping the Charm

Since we moved in three years ago we've done absolutely nothing with our bathroom. We figured at some point we would gut it (and that point being before now) so why bother putting time and effort into it. We never even painted; so now it stands in it's dingy yellow/off-whiteish glory.

We already had the striped shower curtain that tied in the mint green nicely and the blue towels coordinated as well. Last year we ripped out the rusty old medicine cabinet and replaced it with the $20 black framed mirror. Other than that, everything in the bathroom we already owned, so money spent was $20.

Moving forward to today, basically, I'm getting sick of it and it's time to freshen it up. The goal is to embrace it's retro charm, clean it up a bit and spend less than 200 beans. A full bathroom gut would cost thousands and take lots of time, not to mention it's our only bathroom and I can't live without a bathroom even if it's only for a few weeks. The tile is in great shape and at least it's not pink, right??
A while ago I came across this photo:
I think this bathroom is new, as in, someone actually spent lots of money to get this vintage look. So our tile can't be all that bad.

What we'll do. Replace the vanity light, paint the walls, add some art and get new towels and shower curtain. We could get a new sink, but I actually like ours. And not to mention sinks like this can cost anywhere from 600-$1200.
Here are the plans:
And the paint color....wait for it, grey! Imagine that.

And here's what's happened so far
It's actually this first part, the prepping, that will take longer than the painting part. Maybe by the end of the weekend we'll have a fresh coat of paint up.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

snowed in

It's been months since I've posted. Things get in the way. Taking care of a toddler that seems to get into everything and teaching 20 5-year-olds are among the mix. I also have a blog for my classroom, which comes first. Getting stuck inside during the Blizzard of 2013 gives me some time at home. Thank goodness we haven't lost power yet. Dave just headed out the dog in the 27" that fell since yesterday at noon.

Snuggled up watching some tv (oops there goes the no-tv-till-2-rule). In my defense he was naming the letters on the tv and singing the alphabet.

Inside we have some changes. A new rug.
This rug was quite a find! I've been looking for a 8X10 rug for a long time with no luck. 8X10 rugs on sale are anywhere from 500-1000+, and I didn't want to spend more than a few hundred. I was at good ol' HG one day and spotted this guy. It wasn't exactly the colors I was looking for, but when I saw the price tag I had to snag it.
I've seen this exact rug on websites for hundreds more, example here, $763.85! And I got it for $70, that is 90% off retail. #patselfonback #suckerforasale

And here are a few pics of William. He is getting too big! Rockin my skinnies...
First haircut
He's obsessed with tools, and got more for Christmas
Outside before all the snow
1 year ago! I can't believe he'll be 2 soon.
That's all for now..see you in a few months, or years who knows.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pillow Talk

Get your mind out of the gutter. Real pillows, on our couch. The pillows from ETSY finally arrived.
It's amazing what some pillows and curtains will do for a boring gray room with beige sofa.
We started to hang a few things on the walls.
My first attempt at a Pinterest tutorial.
It's block painting. You just wrap a string around a block and turn it into a stamp. I am going to make it again and put the stamps closer together so there are no gaps between the lines.

While I waited for the ETSY pillows to arrive, I found some striped pillows I had to have on Joss & Main for downstairs.
When Dave moved the TV upstairs he rearranged the sectional. There is no TV down there anymore so it's now more of a sitting space instead of a TV watching area. We no longer have a sectional, it's sectioned now.

We moved the rug from William's play area in front of the sofa. We still need a bigger rug, we should really have a 8X10 rug in that space. Also working on a mirror project for above the mantel. For another day.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Adding some color

Our blank slate of a second floor really needed a pop of color and what better way to do that than with pillows and curtains?

I used the no-sew method again, since I have no sewing skills or a sewing machine. I simply cut two yards of fabric in half and ironed-on a hem on all sides. I used ring clips instead of adding a pocket on the top. I like the look of the ring clips and also, it was easier. I'm all about taking the easy way out.

And here's the finished product. Please ignore the cruddy iphone photos. I was too lazy to pull out the real camera.
I just got some pillow cases in the mail from ETSY but need to buy some pillow forms. Once the pillows are done, the room will really start to look complete. I know, you're on the edge of your seat aren't you? You'll just have to wait to see.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Movin' On Up

We're upstairs now people. Actually as I speak type, I am in our new office area.
We found a pendant lamp on West Elm, on clearance for $7, the shipping actually cost more than the light itself. I'm thinking of spray painting it navy blue, but am waiting to see how the rest of the area comes out before committing to a color.

The chair is a Herman Miller circa 1970. And no it did not cost $898, it's Dave's old desk chair. Maybe with the day off tomorrow me and my new chair will take a trip to the beach.
The desk is ICRAPA, er I mean IKEA. I wanted Dave to make a parson's desk but after finishing the entire upstairs making him build a piece of furniture seemed cruel.

The entertainment side of the room is a work in progress, but it's coming along. We got a couch and chair from Dave's parents. They got a new sectional, so we had no problem helping them de-clutter their basement.
Playing around with the built-ins
I got the skeleton keys from this sketchy garage sale thing in Cambridge. Some guy sells stuff out of a garage and I think he may live in the attic above it. I also got a mirror for $5 for above the fireplace but it needs a new mirror and it's been a fiasco trying to fit one in. That's a post for another day.

Here's a preview of the curtain fabric.

I ordered pillows on Etsy and can't wait until they arrive. Until then..

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

roll out the white carpet...

because it's finished! (insert happy dance here) Carpet guys came today and put down the carpet. It was supposed to be a white/gray color but it really just looks white in person and has swirls throughout.

Living room side

office space (Excuse me, I think you have my stapler. anyone?)

Next up? Furniture. Anyone have any? We don't, and oh, the budget was spent on finishing the room. William will have a ball in his empty play space.